Project 'Pultec' Status: Ongoing.

I've been building a 'Pultec' inspired EQ with a twist. Some time ago I decided to design a variation of this famous passive EQ unit with several additions/changes and a remixed circuit if you will. This project has been sitting on the shelf for some time and I've been chipping away at it as and when I can find the time. The prototype is finally nearing completion.

In relation to the modifications and changes I have made, there are several, which I won't go into in any real depth (yet). Most notably is the change from a Tube amplification circuit to a JFet circuit of my own design. I have a strong preference for JFets in audio circuitry for many reasons (again, a subject best left for another time). At some point in the very near future I will post some expansive detail on the creative decisions and reasoning, at the moment however; I'm a little reluctant to do so until the unit is fully wired and tested. I couldn't wait however to pop some developmental content here. Enjoy!