Synth Case DIY

I love the holidays, I get some time to get projects from idea to fruition. Over recent times I have been collecting a serious amount of synthesiser modules, some I've bought, some I've designed myself. Before I can really make use of them however I need an enclosure. This was the challenge for yesterday/today.

The result is a case designed yesterday, built today and heavily inspired by the folding designs of Don Buchla, specifically the Buchla 200e System 5. There are three 17" "boats" that hold the modules located top, middle and bottom each of which will house oscillators, filters, LFO's, VCA's ADSR's etc. I unfortunately do not yet have a metal brake to allow me to bend metal boats in house so I decided to CNC everything out of marine grade ply wood. A coat of oil gives the vintage tattered look I was after.