Post NIME 2018

The blog has been quiet of late I know, I've been very, very busy though. Recently myself and some of my peers were gratefully invited to present some of our research (again) at NIME (The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression). This time our work focusses on a new development for interfacing with analog synthesis from digital USB enabled devices. What we find particularly interesting about this new development is that it is completely driverless, and as such can potentially leverage any USB capable device.  CTRL essentially acts as a high resolution bridge between software and analog synthesis.


We have experimented significantly with combining accurate pitch tracking technologies (Helmholtz~) with the 16 bit output CV resolution afforded by CTRL. This combination results in the capability to potentially use any instrument or audio source as a direct controller of an analog synthesiser. We think that this development is pretty special indeed.

Here is my partner in research/business; Dr. Richard Graham demonstrating the live control of his modular synthesiser using the audio output of his guitar as the source, and CTRL as the intermediary. The guitar becomes the controller, and the articulations come along for free.

If you would like to read more, the NIME2018 paper of the technical specifics can be found here

We intend to make this development open source very soon, watch this space.