Passive EQ version 2.0 and VCA

This weekend I've been tying off some long running projects. Firstly building a 'pultec style' passive EQ for my own studio. I've previously built one for local artist and producer 'Ryan Vail' who employed it throughout the production of his upcoming album but neglected to build myself one due to lack of time. The main task for this version was to attempt to define an effective production chain to allow me to silkscreen my own front panels, and indeed to build the dual mono PCB's themselves. I'm relatively happy with the result. I should be able to fine tune the process next time around with some adjustments to the production of the silk screen itself.

Secondly, I soldered and tested a major element of my proposed Ph.D. work, which, as a larger system, includes an SMD based VCA design. I'm glad to say that this element worked first time as expected (a nice break from the recent norm) so I can move on to the other aspects of the same combined work. 

Well, enough jibber jabber; here's some eye candy